Thursday, 27 October 2011


OCTOBER 5 2011, will be marked as the demise of  technological revolution .Because one of the iconic leader of  21 century '' STEVE JOBS'' died on this day.Additionally , the most interesting aspect about ''JOB'' was or is ( he will live through his iPhone ) that he has touched the life  everyone range from kids to septuagenarian ,and i am just not talking about his iPhone or iPad  .But the way he lived his life .That's what i am going to talk about today.

''Money is overvalued ,what interests  me not the richest man on earth ,however saying i have done something wonderful '' Steve jobs.He lived with this sentiments indeed.  moreover he realized very early that colleague was not going to help him to find out what he wanted to do in his life . On the other side much has already been written about how he was as a person or as a innovator ,and how he developed the greatest ''MACINTOSH''  .Thus today i shall zero my topic towards how bravely he fought against the deadliest
disease  pancreatic cancer  with his all time passion ''APPLE''.Just  think about it for a while (just think then read OK)   how you can be worried about whether my next iPhone will match the expectations of consumer(i have just learned this word) or not when you know  you are suffering from the deadliest disease  and you don't have much time to live your life .Steve jobs was the human being of this level,amazingly different . Probably that's the reason why great people are so uncommon   .According to me this is the extended limit of the passion .now the question arises how we can give tribute to Steve jobs  not just by using his i phone ,i pad on.However by finding out the passion and with change the course of the game and the world . I know for the fact that there can't be a second Steve jobs but there can be an invention as good as ''APPLE'' .This can only happen when we are as passionate as Steve jobs was, in front  of who fortune bowed down .
yes ,indeed this victory of passion .

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  1. i feel really motivated after reading this article. very well written!!